BlackJack Events can supply a Coffee and Tea Bar on a sale on consumption basis. Our Coffee Bar Consists of an Industrial Lavazza Pod Coffee Machine, Brandable White Infiniti Coffee Counter and all the relevant Crockery and Glassware such as Cappuccino Cups, Espresso Cups, Saucers, Latte Glasses and Teaspoons, Tea Display Boxes etc.

Coffee Bar Menu

Cappuccinos, Flavoured Cappuccino – Hazelnut or Vanilla, Lattes – Hazelnut or Vanilla, Espresso, Americano, Five Roses Tea, Rooibos Tea and a selection of flavoured teas (3).

Please let us know if you require any specific flavour or speciality coffee and we will gladly assist.

Coffee Bar Overview

Please note the following is based on a Minimum of 50 servings

  • Coffee Bar Infrastructure
    The Above Includes the Machine, Counter and All Crockery and Glassware
  • Coffee Baristas
    We suggest 2 Baristas and 1 Machine for Breakfast Events between 1 and 100 guests and the same for dinner events between 1 and 200 guests – Unless there are specific time frames or circumstances, you may then require an additional Machine and/or BaristasPlease Note Baristas are booked for a Minimum of 5 Hours
  • Cappuccino/Latte, Tea Serving (1 x Serving)
    All pods are counted in order to keep an accurate record of consumption
  • Delivery and Collection
    Please enquire for our Zone Pricing Guide
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